Production Professions

The production jobs are interdependent. Therefore, each of them has its importance in the manufacturing process.

Production Operator

The production operator carries out production activities in strict compliance with health and safety rules, regulations, procedures, etc. In this way, he prepares the production equipments according to the established planning and controls the conformity of the raw materials and equipments. Traceability is an essential element in his job, with batch reports, cleaning follow-up documents, procedures etc.

Storekeeper - Forklift Operator

The Storekeeper - Forklift Operator prepares and delivers pharmaceutical products to make them available to production lines or customers, in compliance with the required deadlines, safety and quality rules. This position requires rigour and organisation to check the correct conformity of the products and provide information relating to the preparation of production. Stock keeping and inventory are an integral part of his missions.

Packing Line Driver

The general mission of the Packaging Line Driver is to operate all the equipments on a packaging line, in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and safety rules. His role is important as the coordinator of the line but also because of the possibility of having an impact on the quality of the finished pharmaceutical products. Here again, traceability is an essential element in his job as he completes the batch files, cleaning follow-up documents, procedures, etc. He is also required to do the first technical interventions before handing over to the maintenance department.

Production Director

The Production Director manages the production department, which includes all the services related to production: preparation, manufacturing, packaging and operational maintenance in compliance with regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). He also implements the production strategy for products on an industrial site according to the objectives, costs and deadlines set in order to achieve the defined objectives and level of performance.