Supply Chain Professions

Supply Chain professions are varied and are defined by the flow of the product.

At the beginning of the chain, the customer service is in close contact with customers on various subjects such as day-to-day management, orders, applied rates or invoicing.

Customer services then give the hand to the planning managers. Their main mission is to define the human, material, raw material and packaging resources to be implemented to meet the customer’s requirements. In other words, they orchestrate and plan the customer’s needs on the production site.

On the basis of the planning, the procurement managers ensure the supply of raw materials and packaging articles by contacting the suppliers.

The job of logistics manager is varied and occurs at several points in the process. Indeed, following supply orders, the logistics team is responsible for receiving, storing and dispatching the goods in the shop. They are also in charge of preparing products following receipt of the manufacturing order by the production department and finally with the customer in order to negotiate / announce via the customer service the actual delivery date of the finished medicines.